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Blood Page 9

 Abbreviations Meaning
SMABFSuperior Mesenteric Artery Blood Flow
SMBGSelf-monitored Blood Glucose
SMBGSelf-monitoring Of Blood Glucose
SNAPStudy Of Sodium And Blood Pressure
SNGBFSingle Nephron Glomerular Blood Flow
SOBSee Order Blank; Shortness Of Breath; Stool Occult Blood
SRBCSheep Red Blood Cells
STPBSkin Transient Pulse Blood
SYS-BPSystolic Blood Pressure
TBABTryptose Blood Agar Base
TBFTail Blood Flow
TBFThyroid Blood Flow
TBFTissue Blood Flow
TBFTumor Blood Flow
TBGPTotal Blood Granulocyte Pool
TBOTotal Blood Out
TBVTotal Blood Volume; Trabecular Bone Volume
TCBFTotal Cerebral Blood Flow
TEBVTissue-engineered Blood Vessel
TEWMTissue Engineered Blood Vessel Wall Model
TMBFTransmural Blood Flow
TPBFTotal Pulmonary Blood Flow
TRBFTotal Renal Blood Flow
TWBCTotal White Blood Cells; Total White Blood Count
UBFUterine Blood Flow
UBIUltraviolet Blood Irradiation
UCBCUmbilical Cord Blood Culture
UHFUterine Blood Flow
UWBUnit Of Whole Blood
VAMPVenous Arterial Blood Management Protection System; Vincristine, Amethopterine, 6-mercaptopurine, And Prednisone
VBVenous Blood
VBGVenous Blood Gas
VBGVagotomy And Billroth Gastroenterostomy; Venous Blood Gases; Venous Bypass Graft; Vertical-banded Gastroplasty
VBIVentral Blood Island; Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency; Vertebrobasilar Ischemia
VBPVagal Body Paraganglia; Venous Blood Pressure; Ventricular Premature Beat
VCBFVenous Cerebral Blood Flow
VPRBCVolume Of Packed Red Blood Cells
VRBCRed Blood Cell Volume
W.B.C.WBC, White Blood Cell, White Blood Cell Count
WBWhole Blood
WBAAWhole Blood Acetaldehyde Assay
WBAPTTWhole Blood Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
WBCWhite Blood Cell/count
WBCWhite Blood Cell
WBCWhite Blood Cell Count
WBCWhole Blood Cell Count
WBCTWhole-blood Clotting Time
WBFWhole-blood Folate
WBHWhole-blood Hematocrit; Whole-body Hyperthermia
WBNWhole-blood Nitrogen

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