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 Abbreviations Meaning
BCBlood Count
BCABlood Color Analyzer
BCBBlood-cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier
BCBBlood-cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier; Brilliant Cresyl Blue
BCMBlood-clotting Mechanism
BCSBlood Cell Separator
BCSFBBlood-cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier
BDBlood Donor
BDSBlood Pressure-depressing Substance
BECBlood Ethyl Alcohol Content
BECFBlood Extracellular Fluid
BELBlood Ethanol Level; Bovine Embryonic Lung
BENARBlood Eosinophilic Non-allergic Rhinitis
BFBlood Flow
BFEBlood Flow Energy; Bulk Fluid Endocytosis
BFOBalanced Forearm Orthosis; Ball-bearing Forearm Orthosis; Blood-forming Organ
BFRBiologic False Reaction; Blood Flow Rate; Bone Formation Rate; Buffered Ringer [solution]
BFSBlood Fasting Sugar
BGBlood Glucose
BGAGBlood Group Antigen
BGCBasal Ganglion Calcification; Blood Group Class
BGDBlood Group Degradation
BGLUBlood Glucose
BGSBalance, Gait, And Station; Baller-Gerold Syndrome; Blood Group Substance; British Geriatrics Society
BGSABlood Granulocyte-specific Activity
BHIBABrain-heart Infusion Blood Agar
BICBayes Information Criterion; Bicoherence; Blood Isotope Clearance; Brain Imaging Center
BLBlack; Blood, Bleeding; Blue
BLBlood Loss
BL CULTBlood Culture
BL PRBlood Pressure
BLCBlood Culture
BLD BNKBlood Bank
BLEEDBleeding (ongoing), Low Systolic Blood Pressure, Elevated Prothrombin Time, Erratic Mental Status, Disease (unstable Comorbid Disease) (mnemonic For Gastro-intestinal Hemorrhage)
BLLVBloodland Lake Virus
BLPBlood Pressure
BLSBlood And Lymphatic System
BLSBlood Sugar
BLTBleeding Time; Blood-clot Lysis Time; Blood Test
BLTBleeding Time; Blood Test; Blood Type, Blood Typing
BLVBiological Limit Value; Blood Volume; Bovine Leukemia Virus
BLVBlood Viscosity; Blood Volume
BMBlood Monitoring
BMCBlood Mononuclear Cell; Bone Marrow Cell; Bone Mineral Content
BMNCBlood Mononuclear Cell
BOCBlood Oxygen Capacity; Bureau Of Census; Butyloxycarbonyl
BOECBlood Outgrowth Epithelial Cell
BOLDBlood Oxygenation Level-dependent
BOLDBleomycin, Oncovin, Lomustine, Dacarbazine; Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent

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