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Bacteria And Bacillus

 Abbreviations Meaning
AAAdrenocortical Autoantibody; African American; Aggregated Albumin; [bacterial] Aggregative Adherence; Agranulocytic Angina; Alcohol Abuse
ABAAntibacterial Activity
ABAAmerican Burn Association; Antibacterial Activity; Arrest Before Arrival; Autonomic Blocking Agent
ABCDESAdjust Medication, Bacterial Prophylaxis, Cervical Spine Disease, Deep Vein Thrombosis Prophylaxis, Evaluate Extent And Activity Of Disease, Stress-dose Steroid Coverage [preoperative Evaluation In Rheumatoid Diseases]
ABEAcute Bacterial Endocarditis
ABEAcute Bacterial Exacerbations Of Chronic Bronchitis
ABEAcute Bacterial Endocarditis; American Board Of Endodontics; Botulism Equine Trivalent Antitoxin
ABNAcute Bacterial Nephritis
ACBAntibody-coated Bacteria; Aortocoronary Bypass; Arterialized Capillary Blood; Asymptomatic Carotid Bruit
ADMArmadillo-derived Mycobacteria
AFBAcid Fast Bacillus
AFBAcid-fast Bacillus; Aflatoxin B; Aflatoxin Biomarker; Air Fluidized Bed; Aortofemoral Bypass
AGNBAerobic Gram-negative Bacillus
B-GBordet-Gengou [agar, Bacillus, Phenomenon]
BABacterial Agglutination
BACBacterial Adherent Colony
BACBacterial Antigen Complex
BACBacterial Artificial Chromosome
BAC, BACBacillus
BACT, BACTBacterium; Bacterium, Bacteria
BAITBacterial Automated Identification Technique
BAMHIRestriction Enzyme From Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens H
BAPBacterial Alkaline Phosphatase
BCBacillus Cereus
BCHLBacterial Chlorophyll
BCHL, BCHLBacterial Chlorophyll
BEBacterial Endocarditis
BECBacterial Endocarditis
BGBacillus Globigii
BIBacterial Or Bactericidal Index
BIPBacterial Intravenous Protein
BKDBacterial Kidney Disease
BPEBacterial Phosphatidylethanolamine
BSBacillus Subtilis
BTBacillus Thuringiensis
BTIBacillus Thuringiensis Var. Israelensis
BVBacterial Vaginosis
CSDBCat Scratch Disease Bacillus
CWDFCell Wall-deficient Form [bacteria]
DMDDisseminated Mycobacterial Disease
DNTMDisseminated Nontuberculous Mycobacterial [infection]
EBAEarly Bacterial Activity; Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita; Epidermolysis Bullosa Atrophicans; Extrahepatic Biliary Atresia; Orthoethoxybenzoic Acid
ECAEnterobacterial Common Antigen
EEEnterobacteriaceae Enrichment [broth]
EGNBEnteric Gamma-negative Bacteria
FA Conjugative Plasmid In F+ Bacterial Cells
FA Cell That Donates F Factor In Bacterial Conjugation
F+A Bacterial Cell Having An F Plasmid
F-A Bacterial Cell Lacking An F Plasmid

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