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Bacteria And Bacillus Page 2

 Abbreviations Meaning
GBIAGuthrie Bacterial Inhibition Assay
GIBFGastrointestinal Bacterial Flora
GNBGram-negative Bacillus
GNBGanglioneuroblastoma; Gram-negative Bacillus; Guanine Nucleotide-binding [protein]
HBacterial Antigen In Serologic Classification Of Bacteria [Ger. Hauch, Breath]
HACEKHaemophilus, Actinobacillus, Cardiobacterium, Eikenella, Kingella
HBCGHeat-aggregated Calmette-Guerin Bacillus
IBCIncidence Of Bacteria-carrier
IBISInvasive Bacterial Infection Surveillance [study]
ICNBInternational Committee On Nomenclature Of Bacteria
ICPBInternational Collection Of Phytopathogenic Bacteria
IEBCInternational Entomopathogenic Bacillus Center
IWGMTInternational Working Group On Mycobacterial Taxonomy
KEEKlebsiella Spp., E.coli, And Enterobacter Soo., The Lactose Fermentation Bacteria That Are Most Commonly Isloated From Urine
KICBKilled Intracellular Bacteria
KLKarhunen-Loeve [transform]; Kidney Lobe; Kit Ligand; Klebs-Loeffler [bacillus]; Kleine-Levin [syndrome]
LOuter Membrane Layer Of Cell Wall Of Gram-negative Bacteria (layer)
LOuter Membrane Layer Of Cell Wall Of Gram-negative Bacteria [layer]
L-VARIANTA Defective Bacterial Variant That Can Multiply On Hypertonic Medium
L-[FORM]A Defective Bacterial Variant That Can Multiply On Hypertonic Medium
LBFLactobacillus Bulgaricus Factor; Limb Blood Flow; Liver Blood Flow
LDBLamb Dysentery Bacillus; Legionnaires' Disease Bacillus; Location Database [genetics]
LMMLactobacillus Maintenance Medium; Laser Microbeam Microdissection; Lentigo Maligna Melanoma; Light Meromyosin
MBTMercaptobenzothiazole; Mixed Bacterial Toxin; Myeloblastin
MGITMycobacterial Growth Indicator Tube
MICMinimum Inhibitory Concentration Of An Antibacterial Drug
MOTTMedical Observation Type Table; Mycobacteria Other Than Tuberculosis
MRBMultiply Resistant Bacteria
MUPIBACMupirocin In Prevention Of Relapses Of Wegener Granulomatosis By Elimination Of Nasal Bacterial Staphylococcus Aureus Carriage
NBPNonbacterial Prostatitis
NBSNo Bacteria Seen
NBTENonbacterial Thrombotic Endocarditis
NCIBNational Collection Of Industrial Bacteria
NCIMBNational Collection Of Industrial And Marine Bacteria [UK]
NCPPBNational Collection Of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
NFBNational Foundation For The Blind; Nonfermenting Bacteria
NMSSNational Multiple Sclerosis Society; National Mycobacterial Surveillance System [Australia And New Zealand]
NTMNontuberculous Mycobacteria
PDBPhosphorus-dissolving Bacteria
PLPaenibacillus Larvae
PLPPaenibacillus Larvae Subsp. Pulvifaciens
RICEReplicating And Integrating Controlled Expression [bacterial Gene Identification]; Rest, Ice, Compression, And Elevation
RNARadionuclide Angiography; Registered Nurse Anesthetist; Ribonucleic Acid; Rough, Noncapsulated, Avirulent [bacterial Culture]
S-RSmooth-rough [bacteria]; Stimulus-response
SABPSpontaneous Acute Bacterial Peritonitis; Systolic Arterial Blood Pressure
SBESubacute Bacterial Endocarditis
SBIABSecondary Bacterial Infection Acute Bronchitis
SBPSpontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
TABCTotal Aerobic Bacteria Count; Typhoid, Paratyphoid A, Paratyphoid B, And Paratyphoid C [vaccine]

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