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Abbreviations starting with Z

 Abbreviation Category Meaning
Z-DNAAcidsZig-zag (left-handed Helical) Deoxyribonucleic Acid
ZAG, ZA2GProteinsZinc-alpha-2-glycoprotein
ZAPProteinsZeta-associated Protein; Zymosan-activated Plasma [rabbit]
ZDSSyndromesZinc Depletion Syndrome
ZESyndromesZollinger-Ellison [syndrome]
ZEBOVVirusZaire Ebola Virus
ZECSyndromesZinsser-Engman-Cole [syndrome]
ZEGVVirusZegla Virus
ZERIOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsZero Emissions Research And Initiatives
ZESSyndromesZollinger-Ellison Syndrome; Zutphen Elderly Study
ZFProteinsZero Frequency; Zinc Finger [protein]; Zona Fasciculata
ZFPProteinsZinc Finger Protein
ZFXProteinsX-linked Zinc Finger Protein
ZFYProteinsZinc-finger [protein]
ZIKVVirusZika Virus
ZIRVVirusZirqa Virus
ZKSyndromesZuelzer-Kaplan [syndrome]
ZLSSyndromesZimmerman-Laband Syndrome
ZNFProteinsZinc Finger [protein]
ZOSyndromesZichen-Oppenheim [syndrome]; Zonula Occludens; Zuelzer-Ogden [syndrome]
ZSSyndromesZellweger Syndrome; Zutphen Study
ZSVVirusSignature-tagged Mutagenesis; Zonate Spot Virus
ZTVVirusZaliv Terpeniya Virus
ZWSyndromesZellweger [syndrome]
ZWCHRSSyndromesZellweger Cerebrohepatorenal Syndrome
ZWSSyndromesZellweger Syndrome

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