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 Abbreviation Category Meaning
TSGProteinsTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSG, TSGPCancers And TumorsTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSG, TSGPProteinsTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSGPCancers And TumorsTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSGPProteinsTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSHPOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsTexas Society Of Health-System Pharmacists
TSIABowel Gastric And IntestineTotal Small Intestine Allotransplantation
TSIABowel Gastric And IntestineTotal Small Intestine Allotransplantation; Triple Sugar Iron Agar
TSIDSChildrenTotally Unexplained Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
TSIDSSyndromesTotally Unexplained Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
TSJOrganizationsTelemedicine Society Of Japan
TSLMedical Abbreviations [Slang]To Stupid To Live
TSMProteinsType-specific M Protein
TSPOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsThe Sport Psychologist [periodical]
TSPProteinsTailspin Protein
TSPProteinsTestis-specific Protein
TSPProteinsThrombin-sensitive Protein
TSPProteinsTotal Serum Protein
TSPAPAcidsTotal Serum Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
TSSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsTurner's Syndrome Society Of The United States
TSSMedical Abbreviations [Slang]Toxic Sock Syndrome (often Related To The Homeless)
TSSSyndromesToxic Shock Syndrome
TSSSyndromesTropical Splenomegaly Syndrome
TSSSyndromesToxic Shock Syndrome; Tropical Splenomegaly Syndrome
TSSAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsTrauma Society Of South Africa
TSSACancers And TumorsTumor-specific Cell Surface Antigen
TSSACell And CellsTumor-specific Cell Surface Antigen
TSSESyndromesToxic Shock Syndrome Exotoxin
TSSSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsTurner Syndrome Support Society (UK)
TSSTSyndromesToxic Shock Syndrome Toxin
TSST-1SyndromesToxic Shock Syndrome Toxin-1
TSTCancers And TumorsTumor Skin Test
TSTSkin And DermalTriceps Skinfold Thickness
TSTSkin And DermalTricipital Skinfold Thickness
TSTSkin And DermalTuberculin Skin Test
TSTSkin And DermalTumor Skin Test
TSTACancers And TumorsTumor-specific Tissue Antigen
TSTACancers And TumorsTumor-specific Transplantation Antigen
TSTACancers And TumorsToxoplasmin Skin Test Antigen; Tumor-specific Tissue Antigen; Tumor-specific Transplantation Antigen
TSTASkin And DermalToxoplasmin Skin Test Antigen
TSTASkin And DermalToxoplasmin Skin Test Antigen; Tumor-specific Tissue Antigen; Tumor-specific Transplantation Antigen
TSUVVirusTsuruse Virus
TTCancers And TumorsTumor Thrombus
TTADOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsTelemedicine Technology Area Directorate
TTCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsThe Triplet Connection
TTCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsTrying To Conceive
TTECardiac Cardio And HeartTransthoracic Echocardiography
TTFOMedical Abbreviations [Slang]Told To F*ck Off
TTGCell And CellsT-cell Translocation Gene
TTGCell And CellsT-cell Translocation Gene; Telethermography; Tellurite, Taurocholate, And Gelatin

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