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 Abbreviation Category Meaning
FACT-BBreastFunctional Assessment Of Cancer Therapy-breast
FACT-BCancers And TumorsFunctional Assessment Of Cancer Therapy-breast
FADFetus And FetalFamilial Alzheimer Dementia; Familial Autonomic Dysfunction; Fetal Activity-acceleration Determination; Flash-induced Afterdischarge; Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide
FADSFetus And FetalFetal Akinesia Deformation Sequence
FADUOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFetal Alcohol And Drug Unit
FADVVirusFowl Adenovirus
FAEFetus And FetalFetal Alcohol Effect; Follicle-associated Epithelium
FAEEAcidsFatty Acid Ethyl Ester
FAEESAcidsFatty Acid Ethyl Ester Synthase
FAEMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFaculty Of Accident And Emergency Medicine
FAFAcidsFatty Acid Free; Fibroblast-activating Factor
FAF-PMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFonds D'Assurance Formation De La Profession Médicale
FAGDOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFellow In The Academy Of General Dentistry
FAHSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFederation Of American Health Systems. Federation Of American Hospitals
FAHVVirusFalconid Herpesvirus
FAIMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFoundation For The Advancement Of Innovative Medicine
FAIM-EDOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFoundation For The Advancement Of Innovative Medicine Education Fund
FAIMHOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFlorida Association For Infant Mental Health
FAIT 21Organizations Journals And PeriodicalsFédération Des Associations Pour L'Insertion Sociale Des Personnes Porteuses De Trisomie 21
FAMAOrganizationsFellow Of The American Medical Association; Fluorescence-assisted Mismatch Analysis; Fluorescent Antibody To Membrane Antigen
FAMEOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsForum For African Medical Editors
FAMEAcidsFatty Acid Methyl Ester
FAMMMCancers And TumorsFamilial Atypical Multiple Mole-melanoma [syndrome]
FAMMMSyndromesFamilial Atypical Multiple Mole-melanoma [syndrome]
FAMTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFlorida Association For Medical Transcription
FANOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFetal Alcohol Network
FAOOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFood And Agriculture Organization, United Nations
FAOBMBOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFederation Of Asian And Oceanian Biochemists And Molecular Biologists
FAOPOrganizationsFlorida Association Of Orthotists And Prosthetists
FAPAcidsFatty Acid Polyunsaturated
FAPAcidsFatty Acid Poor
FAPArtery And ArteriesFemoral Artery Pressure
FAPAOrganizationsFellow Of The American Psychiatric Association; Fellow Of The American Psychoanalytical Association
FAPHAOrganizationsFellow Of The American Public Health Association
FAQSVOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFonds D'Amélioration De La Qualité Des Soins De Ville
FARADOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFood Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
FARSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFatality Analysis Reporting System
FARVVirusFarallon Virus
FASOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFederation Of American Scientists
FASOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFetal Alcohol Syndrome
FASAcidsFatty Acid Synthetase
FASFetus And FetalFetal Akinesia Sequence
FASFetus And FetalFetal Alcohol Syndrome
FASSyndromesFetal Alcohol Syndrome
FASAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFederated Ambulatory Surgery Association
FASAOrganizationsFederated Ambulatory Surgery Association
FASBOrganizationsFinancial Accounting Standards Board
FASEOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFederation Of Acoustical Societies Of Europe
FASEBOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsFederation Of American Societies For Experimental Biology
FASHPOrganizationsFederation Of Associations Of Schools Of The Health Professions

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