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 Abbreviation Category Meaning
CSSAMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Society For The Study Of The Aging Male
CSSCDCell And CellsCooperative Study Of Sickle Cell Disease
CSSISOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsConseil Supérieur Des Systèmes D'Information De Santé
CSSO / SCOCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Society For Surgical Oncology / Société Canadienne D'Oncologie Chirurgicale
CSSSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCentrede Santé Et De Services Sociaux
CSSTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCommission De La Santé Et De La Sécurité Du Travail Du Québec
CSSVVirusCacao Swollen Shoot Virus
CSTCardiac Cardio And HeartCardiac Stress Test
CSTCardiac Cardio And HeartCardiovascular Self-assessment Tool
CSTSyndromesChrist-Siemens-Touraine [syndrome]
CST / SCTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Society Of Transplantation / Société Canadienne De Transplantation
CST-SCTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Society Of Telehealtlh - Société Canadienne De Télésanté
CSTBOrganizationsComputer Science And Telecommunications Board [National Academy Of Sciences]
CSTEOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCouncil Of State And Territorial Epidemiologists
CSVVirusChick Syncytial Virus; Chlorotic Spot Virus; Chlorotic Streak Virus; Cocksfoot Streak Virus
CSVCVirusCassava Virus C
CSVMVVirusCassava Vein Mosaic Virus
CSVSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Society For Vascular Surgery
CSVTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Society For Vascular Technology
CSVXVirusCassava Virus X
CSWFOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsClinical Social Work Federation
CSWSChildrenChildren's Social Workers
CTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCardiovascular Toxicology [periodical]
CTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCytotechnologist
CTCommon Medical AbbreviationsChest Tube
CTCancers And TumorsCerebral Tumor
CTCancers And TumorsChicken Tumor
CTCardiac Cardio And HeartCardiac Tamponade
CTCardiac Cardio And HeartCardiothoracic [ratio]
CTCell And CellsCell Therapy
CTAAcidsChromotropic Acid
CTACongenitalCongenital Trigeminal Anesthesia
CTAOrganizationsCanadian Tuberculosis Association
CTALungs Bronchial And PulmonaryClear To Auscultation (about Lungs)
CTABLungs Bronchial And PulmonaryClear To Auscultation Bilaterally (about Lungs)
CTACCancers And TumorsCancer Treatment Advisory Committee
CTACKCell And CellsCutaneous T-cell Attracting Chemokine
CTAFSyndromesCanadian Trial Of Atrial Fibrillation; Conotruncal Anomaly Face [syndrome]
CTAFSSyndromesConotruncal Anomaly Face Syndrome
CTCCell And CellsCultured T Cells
CTCLCancers And TumorsCutaneous T-cell Lymphoma
CTCLCell And CellsCutaneous T-cell Lymphoma
CTCNOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsComité Technique Consultatif De La Naissance / Commission Technique Consultative De La Naissance
CTDMedical Abbreviations [Slang]Circling The Drain (Close To Death)
CTDCommon Medical AbbreviationsClose To Death
CTDCongenitalCongenital Thymic Dysplasia
CTDNAAcidsChloroplast Deoxyribonucleic Acid
CTEHOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCenter For Toxicology And Environmental Health
CTENAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsConnecticut Emergency Nurses Association
CTEPOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCancer Therapy Evaluation Program

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