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Abbreviations starting with C Page 33

 Abbreviation Category Meaning
CISOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsClinical Immunology Society
CISCancers And TumorsCarcinoma In Situ
CIS-WGOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAmerican Medical Informatics Association Clinical Information Systems Working Group
CISABOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCenter For The Integrative Study Of Animal Behavior
CISCOMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCentralised Information Service For Complementary Medicine [database]
CISEOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCentre D'Information Sur La Santé De L'Enfant
CISIDOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCentralized Information System For Infectious Diseases
CISIHOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCentre D'Information Et De Soins De L'Immunodéficience Humaine
CISMEFOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCatalogue Et Index Des Sites Médicaux Francophones
CISP / ICPCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsClassification Internationale Des Soins De Santé Primaires / International Classification Of Primary Care
CISSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsComité International Des Sports Des Sourds / International Committee Of Sports For The Deaf
CISSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCommunity Integrated Service Systems
CIST / ICOHOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCommission Internationale De La Santé Au Travail / International Commission On Occupational Health
CISTI / ICISTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanada Institute For Scientific And Technical Information / Institut Canadien De L'Information Scientifique Et Technique
CITSChildrenCarey Infant Temperament Scale
CIVBrain Nerves And NeurologyFourth Cranial Nerve
CIVNervesFourth Cranial Nerve
CIVVirusCarey Island Virus; Ceratitis I Virus; Continuous Intravenous Infusion
CIX-CXIIBrain Nerves And NeurologyNinth To Twelfth Cranial Nerves
CIX-CXIINervesNinth To Twelfth Cranial Nerves
CJAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsChiropractic Journal Of Australia
CJA / JCAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Anesthesia / Journal Canadien D'anesthésie
CJAPOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Applied Physiology
CJASNOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsClinical Journal Of The American Society Of Nephrology
CJDH / JCHDOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Dental Hygiene / Journal Canadien De L'Hygiène Dentaire
CJEOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCouncil For Jewish Elderly
CJEM / JCMUOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Emergency Medicine / Journal Canadien De Médecine D'Urgence
CJIDOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Infectious Diseases
CJNROrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Nursing Research.
CJNSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Neurological Sciences. Journal Canadien Des Sciences Neurologiques
CJOOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCollège Des Jeunes Orthopédistes
CJONOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsClinical Journal Of Oncology Nursing
CJONAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Nursing Administration
CJONLOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Nursing Leadership
CJRMOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Rural Medicine. Journal Canadien De La Médecine Rurale.
CJRTOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Respiratory Therapy
CJSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Journal Of Surgery. Journal Canadien De Chirurgie
CJSSyndromesCreutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome
CJSVVirusCarajas Virus
CKKidneysCalf Kidney
CKKidneysChicken Kidney
CK 18Cell And CellsCytokeratin Found In Hepatocyte, Renal Tubular Cell, Ductular Epithelia, Mesothelia, And Respiratory Epithelia
CK 9-20AcidsAcidic Cytokeratin
CKBBrain Nerves And NeurologyCreatine Kinase, Brain Type
CKGCardiac Cardio And HeartCardiokymography
CKMMusclesCreatine Kinase, Muscle Type
CKMBMusclesCreatine Kinase Muscle Band
CKMMMusclesCreatine Kinase, Muscle Type
CKSMedical Abbreviations [Slang]Cute Kid Syndrome
CKSCancers And TumorsClassic Kaposi Sarcoma

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