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Welcome to Medical Abbreviations. We currently keep track of more than 20,000 medical acronyms and abbreviations in different specialized categories. You're able to browse according to the alphabet or by selecting the category that fits your search. Find out what meanings are for the medical acronyms, abbreviations, initials, lingo, jargon or slang and what they stand for.


Random selection of popular abbreviations / acronyms

 Abbreviations Category Meaning
PABACommon Medical AbbreviationsPara-aminobenzoic Acid
EPAOrganizationsEmpiric Phrase Association
EDSAOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsEating Disorders Shared Awareness
CRIMedical Abbreviations [Slang]Cranial-Rectal Insertion Or Cranial-Rectal Inversion (head-up-ass Syndrome)
JOGCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsJournal Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology Canada
CACC / ACSSCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsCanadian Association For Community Care / Association Canadienne De Soins Et Services Communautaires
ACCHOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAssociation For The Care Of Children's Health
AAPIOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAssociation D'Aide Aux Personnes Incontinentes
LCTLiver And HepaticLiver Cell Tumor
RPASEAcidsRibonucleic Acid Polymerase
APAQOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAdapted Physical Activity Quarterly
ACICardiac Cardio And HeartAcute Cardiac Ischemia
PTDLiver And HepaticPrior To Delivery
CRM / MRCOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsConseil De Recherches Médicales Du Canada / Medical Research Council Of Canada
IVCommon Medical AbbreviationsIntravenous
AAHSOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsAmerican Association For Hand Surgery
CSRTOrganizationsCanadian Society Of Respiratory Technology; Continuous-speech Recognition Technology
CPSMVVirusCowpox Severe Mosaic Virus
ESTROOrganizations Journals And PeriodicalsEuropean Society For Therapeutic Radiology And Oncology
RCBFBloodRegional Cerebral Blood Flow

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